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When it comes to your long-term care, the stakes are high. Don’t let an insurance company take advantage of you or your loved one. Work with a long-term care insurance lawyer in Oklahoma City with a record of success.

When you or a loved one is in need of long-term in-home or nursing home care, having long-term care insurance can be a huge relief.

This increasingly common form of insurance is designed to pay for the costs of nursing home care and/or home-based health care services for seniors and others who are in need of care when they are no longer able to care for themselves. This insurance can cover anything from help with bathing and taking medications to more complex medical treatment, such as memory care for those with Alzheimer’s or dementia.

Unfortunately, long-term care insurance companies don’t always hold up their end of the bargain. They may deny claims or fail to fully pay out the value of a claim for unjust reasons.

If you or an elderly loved one has recently received a denial for long-term care coverage or has been otherwise treated unfairly by the insurance company, it’s time to seek legal representation by a long-term care insurance lawyer in Oklahoma City. Attorney Doug Terry has more than two decades of experience in representing people battling with long-term care coverage and is ready to take on your case. He can explain the types of damages available as compensation in a legal case. Schedule a free case consultation today by calling (405) 463-6362.

The Importance of Long-Term Care Payouts

Senior citizens often rely on long-term care payouts to receive the care they desperately need.

When a senior is unable to take care of himself, being able to turn to a nursing home or a home health caregiver for help with daily activities like eating, bathing, and taking medications is a must. And when this time comes, time is of the essence. Seniors do not have the luxury of waiting weeks or even months for an insurance claim to be approved; they need nursing home or in-home care, and they need it right away. Otherwise, their quality of life and even their personal safety could suffer.

Tactics Commonly Used by Companies for Long-term Care Insurance Denial

Unfortunately, long-term care insurance companies aren’t always fair in their treatment of their policyholders.

The insurers may try to get out of paying for eligible claims, or they may attempt to make “lowball” offers that don’t cover the entire costs that a senior needs. Sadly, this practice of long-term care insurance denial happens more often than you might think, so if you’ve recently received a denial for an insurance claim, you’re certainly not alone.

Many insurance companies will use tactics such as requiring long and complicated filing processes to submit a claim, or repeated challenges to claims they are already paying. They know that this can be burdensome to their policyholders and, as such, count on policyholders making mistakes with their claims or choosing not to file them altogether as a result of these hassles.

Even for those who do follow through with submitting their claims, the insurance company may deny the long-term care claim unjustly or try to pay out less than what is actually owed on the claim. Insurance companies sometimes unfairly contest policyholders’ claims by arguing the policyholder’s physical condition is not such that long-term care is needed. Insurance companies sometimes use “experts” to support their position who are either not “experts” at all or who are biased in favor of the insurance company and against the policyholder.


How Long-term Care Insurance Lawyer Doug Terry Can Help

You don’t have to take on insurance companies alone. If your claim was unfairly denied, Doug can guide you through the process to seek justice and get the compensation you deserve.

Payouts when Long-term Care Insurance Companies Wrongfully Deny Claims

If you’re being mistreated by an insurance company, you may be entitled not only to your initial claim, but to compensation for additional damages as well. For example, any past-due benefits that were not paid out as they should have been at the time of the claim could be eligible for payout as well as damages for physical harm caused by the claim denial and damages for mental and emotional caused by the insurance company’s unfair treatment.

Experienced in Legal Guidance and Protection

If you are considering any kind of legal action against your insurance company, then you won’t want to do so without help from an experienced long-term care insurance lawyer. By working with a lawyer who has experience in handling these types of long-term insurance cases, you can receive the legal advice and guidance that you need to get through any appeals process or follow any other steps needed to pursue the compensation you truly deserve.

Help at Every Step of the Way

With more than two decades of experience as an advocate for policyholders like you, Doug Terry is here to consult with you and walk you through every step of the process so that you can ultimately receive the compensation to which you may be entitled. The same is true if you have a loved one who has been unfairly treated by a long-term care insurance company.

Protect Your Rights and Get Compensation You Deserve

We understand that being denied for long-term care insurance benefits can be stressful for seniors and their loved ones. However, now is not the time to let an insurance company take advantage of you or a loved one.

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