Denied Life Insurance Claims Are Devastating

The loss of a loved one is a tragedy that leaves family members and friends brokenhearted. Knowing that you will never share memories can be, for many, almost too much to handle.  These profound feelings of sadness are often combined with concern and worry, especially when the deceased was a primary source of financial support.

Each year many find themselves relieved when they learn that their loved one has a life insurance policy. Clearly, they spent time planning for the future and making sure to remain current with annual premiums.  They are grateful for the financial support they expect these policies to provide.  Unfortunately, more times than you would think, beneficiaries find themselves frustrated and disappointed as their life insurance claims are denied by the insurance companies.

Sadly, life insurance companies’ loyalties lay not with their policyholders, but with their stockholders. Beneficiaries across the state often believe these companies are all-powerful and that their initial decision is final. Thankfully, it is not; individuals whose claims were denied do have options.

The team at Doug Terry Law is well-aware of the strategies of insurance companies and knows how to combat them.

If you have had your life insurance claim denied, it makes sense to reach out to them for help. If your claim was denied in bad faith, you may be able to hold the insurance company liable for their actions. Reach out today at 405-463-6362 to schedule a free consultation.

Why Doug Terry Law Is the Best Choice for You

We Are Uniquely Qualified to Make a Difference

When your life insurance claim has been denied, you need help.  The benefits from that claim can help you manage your life after the loss of your loved one.  In Oklahoma, Doug Terry Law is well-regarded for the difference we make.  Consider why you should work with us.

  • Experience: Doug Terry, our founder, began his career representing insurance companies.  As such, he knows firsthand the tactics they take and how to combat them.
  • Commitment: We work tirelessly to protect the rights of Oklahoma’s ordinary people against multibillion-dollar insurance companies.
  •  Approach: We focus on each case individually, giving it the time and attention it deserves, and we are always available to answer our clients’ questions and address their concerns.
  • Results: We have a strong win record featuring $200 million and $25 million verdicts in previous insurance denial cases.
  • Fee Structure: Not only do we offer no-cost consultation, but we also have a policy of accepting contingency payments for our clients who we believe have solid claims.

Clearly, we are both well-qualified to serve you and dedicated to advocating in your best interests.  Reach out today and learn just how powerfully we can support you.

How Our Oklahoma Life Insurance Denial Attorney Helps With Your Claim

Managing the Entire Process Is Our Responsibility

Moving forward after the loss of a loved one is challenging, to say the least. You simply don’t have the knowledge or time to effectively deal with a life insurance denial.

This is where we step in.  We have been supporting members of our Oklahoma community for years, recovering hundreds of millions of dollars for our clients.  As your Oklahoma life insurance denial lawyer, we will first meet with you to gain a better understanding of your situation. Of course, there is no charge for this.

If we believe you have a viable claim, we will review the life insurance policy in question and your submission forms as well as the communication from the insurance company to understand why the claim was denied. Some reasons this happens are age misstatement, alcohol or drug use, illegal activity, suicide, dangerous activity, material misrepresentation and the contestable period. While some of the reasons may be valid for denial, at times the companies have been known to manipulate the exclusions to deny claims that should be paid.

Additionally, we will also identify any additional costs you incurred because of the denial. You may be entitled to these in a settlement.  Finally, we will negotiate a settlement for you and, if unsuccessful in reaching an agreement, we will represent you in court.

Dealing appropriately with your insurance company requires technical knowledge and time — both of which we have. We are ready to leverage our skills and experience on your behalf.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Denied Life Insurance Claims

Our Oklahoma Life Insurance Denial Lawyer Provides Answers

Because of the complexity of the industry’s language, questions regarding denied life insurance claims are common.  Below we have shared those we hear most often, along with our responses.

What is a contestable period? 

This is a period of time (usually two years) during which the insurance company may use exclusions to justify the rejection of a claim.  Omissions and material misrepresentation are primary categories of contestable period denials.  If applicable, our Oklahoma life insurance denial attorney can explain these further to you.

What is an ERISA policy? 

The majority of life insurance policies provided by employers fall under the federal Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA). These policies allow you to also claim lawyer’s fees and interest due.  The team at Doug Terry Law is experienced in handling ERISA policy denials.

What expenses am I entitled to if the life insurance company acted in bad faith? 

If you were a victim of bad faith by the insurance company you may be able to claim attorney’s fees, consequential damages, emotional distress damages, pre-judgment interest, and punitive damages. Our insurance denial lawyer can identify these for you.

We recognize that you likely have many more questions.  Contact our team at 405-463-6362 to schedule a free consultation where we can address your specific concerns.

We Hold Life Insurance Companies Accountable

Doug Terry Law Understands How Insurance Companies Operate

Life insurance companies use creative and sometimes unethical tactics to issue improper denials.

 Insurance companies will review the premium payments and application forms, looking for loopholes to avoid payment.

They may deny coverage by:

  • Claiming that the policy lapsed.
  • Imposing an eligibility requirement that they did not clearly articulate in the policy.
  • Interpreting an ambiguous term in its favor.
  • Alleging the application contains a material flaw and canceling the policy.

The general rule is that the insurance company must notify the policyholder of a lapse and offer a 60-day grace period to rectify the lapse. If the company failed to give this notice, the lapse might not be valid, and you could challenge the denial. The court may find that a life insurance company that improperly denies claims has abused its discretion or acted in bad faith.

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If you have had your life insurance claim unjustly denied, it is time to seek legal counsel. Your next move is critical. Speak with a tried and trusted denied life insurance claims attorney about your case.

Doug Terry Law is here to help. Contact us today at 405-463-6362 to arrange your free, no-obligation consultation. We will answer your questions and provide you with an honest evaluation of your denied life insurance claim.

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