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You pay for your car insurance. Now it’s time for your insurance company to meet their end of the bargain.

Each time you get behind the wheel, you count on your auto insurance policy to keep you protected in the event that you’re involved in an accident suffer a personal injury or damage to your vehicle. Unfortunately, when auto insurance companies act unscrupulously or even illegally, you could end up footing the bill for property damage, medical bills related to an accident, and more.

If you’ve recently had an auto insurance claim unfairly denied, or if you believe you’ve otherwise been treated unjustly by your auto insurance carrier, it may be time to take legal action.

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What Are the Auto Insurance Company’s Obligations?

When you purchase an auto insurance policy, your insurance carrier has some legally binding obligations to you as a policy holder.

While these specific obligations will vary depending on your policy and coverage, your insurance company is required to fairly and reasonably investigate and resolve your claims. If you have uninsured/underinsured motorist (“UM”) coverage under your policy, your insurer is obligated to treat you in good faith on that claim. Also, many auto insurance policies require the insurer to pay for the damage to your vehicle, which they must also do in good faith. If you have “medical payments” coverage, your insurer must pay medical bills from your accident fairly under the terms of your policy. Your insurance company must also protect you from third party lawsuits. This may include paying out compensation for medical bills, property damage, and other expenses related to an accident that you cause.

If you believe you may have a legal case against your auto insurer for acting in bad faith, call auto claim denial lawyer Doug Terry at (405) 463-6362 for help today. The consultation is free.


Types of Damage Your Auto Policy Might Include

It helps to know the coverage you have. Do you have only property damage and personal liability, or does your policy include comprehensive and collision coverage?

There are a wide range of options available when it comes to auto insurance coverage, so you’ll want to check your specific policy documents to find out exactly what is and isn’t included in your current policy. At the very least, however, your policy should include personal liability and property damage protection, which is meant to protect you from incurring another driver’s medical expenses, lost wages, and property damage costs in the event of an accident.

A very important coverage is uninsured/underinsured motorist (“UM”) coverage. Not everyone has this coverage, but if you do and you are involved in an accident with another driver who has no insurance at all or not enough insurance to compensate you for your injuries in the accident, you may make a claim under your own UM coverage. If so, the insurer must treat in good faith on your injury claim, not treat you like their adversary. The insurer must fully investigate and fairly evaluate your UM claim, not look harder for reasons to pay than for reasons to deny. UM claims often give rise to bad faith claim handling.

If you have comprehensive and collision coverage, your auto insurance policy should also cover repairs that may be needed to your vehicle after it has been involved in an accident or otherwise damaged (such as by hail). If your car is totaled, your insurance company should reimburse you the value of your vehicle to purchase a new one.

Keep in mind you may still be responsible for paying a deductible before your insurance coverage kicks in, and your policy will only protect you up to the total limit amount of your coverage as listed on your policy.


Auto Policy Basics

Be sure you know the following information about your policy when you file a claim.

  • Do you have personal liability coverage? What is the limit of protection?
  • Do you have property damage coverage? What is the limit of protection?
  • Does your policy include comprehensive and collision coverage? What amount of protection does this coverage offer?
  • Do you have uninsured/underinsured motorist (“UM”) coverage? What is the policy limit?
  • What is your deductible?

Our Auto Insurance Claim Denial Lawyer Knows Insurer Tactics

There are multiple ways auto insurance companies try to deny or underpay auto claims. We know their play book.

Denied without Justification

When you need to get reimbursed for something covered in your auto insurance policy, you might think it will be as simple as submitting your claim and documentation. Unfortunately, auto insurance companies don’t often make it easy for you to receive the compensation you may deserve. If your claim has been denied without justification or your insurance company is outright refusing to pay, you may have a bad faith claim.

Lowball Offers for Auto Insurance Claims

Furthermore, if your claim has been approved but your insurance company is offering you less than you need to cover medical bills, future treatment, pain and suffering, repairs, or replacement of your car, then you should absolutely pursue legal action. All too often, auto insurance companies will submit an initial “lowball” offer to policy holders in the hopes that they’ll accept without fighting back.

Using Biased Experts

Often, insurance companies will utilize “experts” to give them opinions about whether your claim is valid. One common example is having a policyholder examined by an “independent” doctor, when in fact the doctor has examined many policyholders for that very insurance company. When the adjuster knows what the doctor is going to say ahead of time (namely, that the policyholder is not hurt as badly as he or she claims or is not hurt at all) it is not reasonable or fair.

Delay of Auto Insurance Claim Payments

One of the insurance industry’s favorite tactics is to delay auto insurance claim payments as long as possible. Their idea is to wear you down and get you to settle your claim for less than what it is worth or simply drop the claim altogether. An insurance company often delays by continually asking for “additional information” when they don’t really need it, never moving the claim forward until you push them to do so, and making repeated excuses for not resolving the claim.

When you realize the insurance company is not working to timely and fairly settle your claim, it’s time to consult an experienced Oklahoma auto insurance claim lawyer.

Give Doug a call at (405) 463-6362 to schedule your consultation and discuss your legal claim as well as the types of damages you could receive in compensation. You will pay no fees unless we win.

How an Auto Insurance Claim Denial Lawyer Can Help

Regardless of the tactics auto insurance companies use, if your claim was denied unfairly, Doug can help.

Doug Terry has been practicing since 1993 and has dedicated a large portion of his practice to handling bad faith insurance claims. He believes strongly in advocating for policy holders against insurance companies and will fight to pursue every last penny that you may be owed.

If you’re being treated unfairly by your auto insurance company, don’t stand for it any longer. Talk to our auto insurance claim denial lawyer.

Schedule a case consultation with Doug Terry to find out what your next steps in your auto insurance claim denial should be and how our legal team can help represent your rights and best interests along the way. You can reach our office at (405) 463-6362 to schedule your consultation. We charge no fees unless we win your case.


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