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It’s easy to go to work in the morning when you know that you’re working hard to make a difference. Our clients are our motivation.

Insurance Attorney Doug TerryDoug Terry has been recognized by his peers for the work he’s done for Oklahomans. He’s been awarded a Martindale-Hubbell “AV Preeminent” rating and selected as an Oklahoma Super Lawyer. But all these distinctions mean little in comparison to the difference he makes in clients’ lives. That’s what matters to our team.

Doug is grateful to have the opportunity to help good people. We all know that life can be unfair and that bad people regularly try to take advantage of others. Through his legal practice, Doug helps his clients get justice and, in turn, they inspire him to continue his work.

Our Clients’ Words

Lawyer Review for Insurance Claims

We are deeply grateful for the wise counsel, encouragement and support we received from attorney Doug Terry over the course of our bad faith insurance lawsuit. Doug is an exceptional individual with compassion for others, seeking justice with integrity for those in need. He is more than a super attorney. We consider ourselves indeed fortunate, but more so blessed, to have had an individual of his extraordinary talent and high caliber stand with us in this fight against the insurance company. It was a journey and experience we will not forget. We never would have achieved the measure of justice we did without Doug’s expertise. Doug is the best at what he does, and we would recommend him, without hesitation, to anyone in a similar situation!

– Mark N.

Lawyer Review for Insurance Claims

If you are needing an attorney, you have in my opinion just found the best there is. I’m 75 years old and had never been involved in a major lawsuit. Doug Terry and the folks working with him were professional, patient, respectful, and encouraging. He made me feel comfortable and confident in navigating through the entire process. Most importantly I’m proud to say we came through the ordeal with a very positive result. We’ve all heard the attorney jokes, but I can tell you that Doug is a great guy that I’m glad to have gotten to know him, and will forever consider him my friend! Thank you so much my friend!

– A.W. Hunter

Lawyer Review for Insurance Claims

Doug Terry’s professional wisdom and personal humanity very likely saved my life. In the summer of 2019, I was notified by my insurance company that they were denying coverage of proton radiation therapy for a brain stem tumor showing alarming growth. The denial letter arrived in the mail on the very same day as our son’s first college tuition bill. Knowing that the treatment would likely cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, we were faced with a horrible choice no parents should ever have to make. I had read about Doug’s success in litigating similar cases, and in a moment of desperation, I sent him a cold-call email from halfway across the country on a Saturday night. I assumed we would not hear back until the following week if at all. I was absolutely stunned when Doug got back to me within just a few hours and asked if my husband and I could speak with him the following day.

He spent over an hour on a Sunday morning learning about our story and walking us through our different avenues of legal recourse and the likelihood of success in each. His depth of knowledge was remarkable. I had already spent dozens of hours reading medical and legal journals trying to better understand my case. But in that one phone call, Doug shared critical insights with us we would have never known otherwise as they only come from direct experience – and he has a wealth of it.

Above and beyond his professional expertise, my husband and I were most impressed by who Doug is as a person. His warmth, his compassion, and his dedication to his clients were immediately clear to us that Sunday morning and he proved it time and time again over the next few months as we fought the insurance company for coverage. Whether I caught him after-hours on a weekend night or between-flights on a busy work day, he was always prompt and thorough in getting back to me. With his expert guidance, we were able to get the insurance denial overturned and I was able to access the proton therapy without having to drain our life-savings or our children’s’ college accounts. I rang the celebration bell on my last day of radiation the night before Thanksgiving and came home healthy and whole with my family for the holidays. I was thankful for many things that day, but especially for having reached out to Doug Terry. He stood beside us and helped us win the biggest battle of our lives and he will do the same for you.

– Janis T.

Lawyer Review for Insurance Claims

I’ve known Doug almost 12 years. He represented me through the worst tragedy of my life. He communicated with me and kept me up to date on the settlement of my case. He took the time to meet with my family and listen to our concerns. He is a man of integrity and a great ethical lawyer. I consider Doug a trust worthy friend and would recommend him to anyone who is in need of legal counsel.

– Amanda N.

Insurance Attorney Review

I would highly recommend Doug Terry’s professional services. After fighting a 5 yr battle over a bad faith insurance claim, we brought Mr. Terry in to help get the insurance company take responsibility. In just a few months Mr. Terry helped craft a winning strategic plan that resulted in the insurance company paying out a substantial settlement.

– Terry G.

Bad Faith Insurance Lawyer

Doug represented me 2 1/2 years ago after my family and I suffered a tragic loss. Doug was very personable and down to earth. He explained things each step of the way so we could understand. He was very easy to talk to. He was always there when I needed something. I trusted Doug and he worked very hard for me and my family. I was very happy with the results he got in my case. I would highly recommend Doug to anyone looking for an honest lawyer.

– Lindsay S.

Lawyer Review for Insurance Claims

I’ve been in business for over 35 years, and over the course of doing business I have had a few situations arise that required serious intervention with my insurance companies. When such intervention has been necessary I’ve had Doug Terry represent my company. I have found Doug to be exceptionally capable and quite ingenious at making the insurance company take notice and reverse their initial decision to not cover claims.

Doug Terry has given wise counsel and my company has benefited greatly from his hard work and diligence. I highly recommend Doug when legal representation becomes necessary.

– David G.

Attorney Doug Terry

Lawyer Doug TerryAfter 25 years practicing in a larger firm, Doug chose to open his own practice in Oklahoma City. He brings his wealth of knowledge and his skills as a litigator to bear for his clients in matters of insurance bad faith, personal injury cases and class actions. Doug has the distinction of being awarded a Martindale-Hubbell “AV Preeminent” rating from his peers in the legal community. He has also been selected as an Oklahoma Super Lawyer. [ Attorney Bio ]

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