Has Your Water Damage Insurance Claim Been Denied?

Sadly, You Are Not Alone.

Oklahoma residents work hard to buy their homes and their possessions. For many, this property encompasses a large portion of their assets and, because they recognize both their value and the perils associated with the weather in the state, they take care to acquire property insurance.

Unfortunately, purchasing a policy and paying premiums regularly does not always result in an insurance company’s responding to claims appropriately.

Every day property owners in Oklahoma find their water damage claims delayed, underpaid, or even outright denied.

This can be devastating. Excessive rainstorms often lead to flooding, and water destroys everything in its path.

If you have suffered water damage and you are struggling to have your claim covered by your insurance company, help is available.  Quite often, insurance companies act in bad faith, unreasonably denying claims in order to maintain their profitability. Their customers are not their first priority.

In cases like this, engaging an Oklahoma water damage insurance claim lawyer who is experienced and knowledgeable can prove helpful.  These professionals know how to handle situations like this and can identify whether bad faith played a role in the insurance decisions.

At Doug Terry Law, our team is well-versed in handling denied water damage claims — we know what to do and how to do it.  Contact us today at 405-463-6362 to schedule a free consultation. During this meeting we can learn more about what happened to you and share how we can address the issues at hand.

Get the Water Damage Insurance Settlement You Deserve

Working with Our Oklahoma Water Damage Insurance Claim Lawyer Makes a Difference

Dealing with the aftermath of water damage can be overwhelming; it’s shocking how ruinous something as seemingly innocent as water can be. Repair and replacement costs can be astronomical; you rely on your insurance company to provide the support they promised.

If your insurance claim was denied, you have options. These companies are required by law to act in good faith and uphold their end of the agreement outlined in your policy. Engaging an experienced denied claims attorney can increase your chances of maximizing your settlement. Insurance companies tend to respond better to seasoned lawyers than to confused policyholders.

Doug Terry, our founding attorney, is uniquely positioned to serve you. Doug spent the beginning of his career defending insurance companies. He knows the tactics they take in order to avoid paying their policyholders’ claims and uses this knowledge today as he represents those whose claims have been wrongly denied. He leads a team of professionals who understand the language in insurance policies and know how to address denial and underpayment issues.

The value of this knowledge and experience is enhanced by our commitment to hands-on client service. We have assisted countless Oklahoma property owners with their insurance disputes, paying careful attention to all the specific details of their claims. Your concerns regarding the water’s effects on your home and possessions, as well as its impact on your finances, are understandable. We listen actively and communicate compassionately.

Our reputation for client satisfaction and success is long-standing and strong. Years ago, we made a commitment to help the people of Oklahoma address their insurance claim problems, and we are proud of the work we do.

Our Team Manages the Legal Process for You

Let Us Help You Move Forward

The insurance appeals process is purposefully complicated.  These companies hope that you will simply take their first response as final because of how complex and frustrating dealing with them can be. Additionally, you are likely overwhelmed with managing the water damage in your home. When you engage our denied water damage insurance claim lawyer, you can be confident that we will handle your claim from beginning to end.

First, we will meet with you, free of charge, so you can understand what it’s like to work with us. This meeting also introduces us to the specifics of your case and allows us to share how we would best serve you.  If you decide to engage us to represent you in an insurance claim lawsuit, we will then conduct a complete examination of your policy, your claim submission, and your insurance company’s responses.  We also take the time to look back, reviewing the water damage you claimed, to make sure it is all-inclusive and accurately reported.

The steps taken above provide us with the information we need to determine why the insurance company denied your claim. At this time we will begin negotiations with the insurance company to recover not only the financial costs associated with the water damage, but all other damages you have incurred because of the denial or underpayment. Should we need to engage expert witnesses to substantiate your losses, we have a host of professionals on whom we can call.

In all cases our aim is to settle your case during negotiations, but we will never accept an unreasonable offer that does not meet your needs.

If we are unable to reach an agreement, our team will aggressively litigate on your behalf.

When you work with Doug Terry Law, you can be assured that we will assume responsibility for the entire legal process. We have the knowledge and experience to manage this process efficiently and effectively on your behalf.  In short, we handle every aspect of your legal case, always keeping you informed of the progress we make.

Oklahoma Water Damage Insurance Cases FAQs

Our Bad Faith Claims Lawyer Provides the Answers You Need

Contemplating legal action can be confusing; our clients have a lot of questions. While many are specific to their water damage case, there are a number of more general concerns that are often shared. Below, have we provided answers to those we hear most often.

What type of damage is caused by water?

Surprisingly, even a small amount of water can be damaging, and its impact must be addressed quickly.  If left untreated, water stains, which are a minor issue, can become much more serious resulting in mold, structural issues, and mildew. Your Oklahoma water damage insurance lawyer knows what to look for when water damage is claimed.

How long do I have to file a bad faith insurance claim in Oklahoma for water damage? 

The statute of limitations for bad faith insurance claims in Oklahoma is five years but addressing them quickly is key. Don’t hesitate to contact a water damage insurance claim lawyer as soon as possible.

What are examples of bad faith actions by a property insurance company? 

Bad faith actions can include, but are not limited to, denying without justification; purposefully underpaying your claim; not investigating your claim appropriately; asking for unreasonable documentation; and using biased adjusters. If you suspect your insurance company of acting in bad faith, contact an insurance water damage claims lawyer immediately.

We recognize that these questions are probably only the tip of the iceberg regarding your denied water damage insurance claim. Contact us today to schedule a no-cost consultation during which we can review your case specifically and address your concerns.

Concerned About Your Water Damage Insurance Denial?

Contact Doug Terry Law Today

Water damage insurance claim denials impact your life both immediately and in the long term. Without a fair settlement from your insurance company, you may be unable to afford to repair and replace your damaged property. Assuming responsibility for these costs can impact your family’s finances far into the future.

In Oklahoma, insurance companies are required to act in good faith.

If you believe your claim has been unreasonably denied, you need the assistance of an experienced and well-regarded Oklahoma water damage insurance claim lawyer. We can help appeal your claim.

The team at Doug Terry Law has an outstanding reputation for compassionately and successfully representing individuals in Oklahoma who have had their water damage claims denied. We understand the tactics these companies take in defending their actions and know how to refute them.  Reach out to our experienced professionals today at 405-463-6362 and schedule a free consultation. We appreciate your frustration and are ready to help you move forward.

Attorney Doug Terry

Lawyer Doug TerryAfter 25 years practicing in a larger firm, Doug chose to open his own practice in Oklahoma City. He brings his wealth of knowledge and his skills as a litigator to bear for his clients in matters of insurance bad faith, personal injury cases and class actions. Doug has the distinction of being awarded a Martindale-Hubbell “AV Preeminent” rating from his peers in the legal community. He has also been selected as an Oklahoma Super Lawyer. [ Attorney Bio ]

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