Storm Damage Insurance Payments Can Be Challenging to Collect

Oklahomans are no strangers to inclement weather; in fact, information on how to be safe during storms in the state can be found on countless websites. In Oklahoma, the word “storm” can refer to any number of weather situations, ranging from significant rain events that lead to flooding to the swirling winds of tornadoes that destroy everything in their path.

If you have sustained property damage during a storm, getting the compensation to which you are entitled from your insurance company can be more difficult than you would imagine. Major storms are a nightmare for insurance companies. The number and size of the claims made are considerable, and each one they pay decreases their profitability. Because of this, these organizations tend to deny, delay and underpay on a regular basis.

Many people accept their insurance company’s denial or underpayment as final. They don’t realize that they have options.

It is important to recognize that your insurance company’s first response to your claim is likely neither their best, nor their final, offer.

In fact, insurance companies are required by law to operate in good faith — and when they don’t they can be liable for their actions.

At Doug Terry Law, we have a reputation for successfully helping our clients address their storm damage concerns with their insurance companies. By leveraging our experience, we are able to maximize settlements on behalf of those we represent.

Are you struggling with your insurance company regarding your storm damage claim? If so, contact us today at 405-463-6362 to schedule a free consultation and learn how we may be able to help.

Why You Should Work with Our Oklahoma Storm Damage Insurance Lawyer

Professional Representation Can Make a Very Real Difference

If your insurance company has denied your claim or underpaid your storm damage in Oklahoma, you may be frustrated, angry, and concerned. After all, you paid your premiums for this very purpose. And now, when you need them to uphold their end of the transaction, they won’t.

While you can (and should) deal with this, knowing what to do and how to do it can be overwhelming. Insurance policies are complicated, insurance law is complex, and managing the process is incredibly time consuming — and you still need to consider repairing your property.  The tangible and emotional costs run high. 

Addressing conflict with your insurance company is something best handled by an Oklahoma storm damage insurance lawyer. Sometimes, just having a professional communicate on your behalf makes the insurance company take your claim more seriously.  Choosing a firm to represent you is the first step toward a better future.

At Doug Terry Law, we are well-positioned to provide the help you need. The combination of our knowledge of the law, experience in the industry, and commitment to providing hands-on personal service are just a few of the reasons to work with us. We are proud of what we bring to each and every client:

  • Legal Knowledge: Insurance law is the heart of the practice at Doug Terry Law. We are well-versed in the specifics of property law and understand how to enforce the language in property insurance policies.
  • Insurance Industry Experience: Immediately upon graduating from law school, Doug Terry (our firm’s founder), began to work defending insurance companies.  Years later he changed course, vowing to provide his clients the same caliber of service that insurance companies receive from their legal teams. As a result of his defense work, he understands how insurance companies operate and what they do to defend their decisions. He also knows how to respond to help his clients prove their damage and maximize their settlements.
  • Commitment to Client Satisfaction: Our approach to service is built on our knowledge that while overarching situations may seem similar, each is, in fact, unique. We take the time to ensure we understand all the details relating to your case, including your policy constraints, information you submitted, and the response from your insurance company. Actively listening to your story and compassionately responding to your concerns are hallmarks of the service we provide. We are committed to providing you hands-on service and fighting tirelessly to maximize your settlement.

For years we have been handling storm damage claims and homeowner denials for our clients in Oklahoma. We are proud of our reputation for success and are dedicated to continuing to serve them well.

We Can Help You

Providing Representation When Your Storm Damage Claim Has Been Denied or Underpaid

Addressing your insurance company when you don’t agree with their response to your claim can be intimidating. After all, the terminology they use is technical and you are operating from a highly emotional position. Storm damage is devastating.

You need the advice and counsel of a seasoned Oklahoma storm damage insurance lawyer to manage the legal process on your behalf. As your attorneys, we will:

  • Meet with you, at no cost, to understand your situation and determine if you have a viable case.
  • Review your policy to determine the extent of your coverage and guidelines for claims’ submissions.
  • Ensure all your damages were accurately identified and clearly proven.
  • Examine your claims forms to determine if they were submitted in accordance with the terms of your policy.
  • Determine the reason why your claim was denied and address the issues with your insurance company.
  • Identify additional costs you may have sustained as a result of the underpayment or denial.
  • Engage expert witnesses to substantiate your damage, if necessary.
  • Negotiate with the insurance company for the rightful compensation.
  • Litigate, if necessary, representing you in court.

When you work with Doug Terry Law, you can be assured that we will assume responsibility for the entire legal process. We have the knowledge and experience to manage this process efficiently and effectively on your behalf. 

FAQs Regarding Storm Damage Insurance Issues

Doug Terry Law’s Oklahoma Storm Damage Insurance Lawyer Provides Answers

Insurance is complicated. It’s not surprising that our clients have concerns regarding their storm damage claim issues. Some of the questions we hear most often are shared below.

When should I contact an Oklahoma storm damage insurance lawyer?

Time is valuable in insurance cases, especially when storm damage is the issue. We recommend reaching out to an experienced professional as soon as possible after receiving a delay or denial notice. You need the money from your insurance company to repair or replace your property and move forward with your life. The sooner we can address the issues, the better.

What type of property damage is common after a storm in Oklahoma?

Tornadoes, snowstorms, and hurricanes are common in Oklahoma. Issues arising from these weather events include roof damage and water damage affecting walls, floors, insulation, and personal property like furniture. Water damage can also lead to mold, which can be costly to mitigate.

Why would my claim be denied?

As your Oklahoma storm damage insurance lawyer, we will determine the reason for your denial. Unfortunately, insurance companies often operate in bad faith and deny claims because of the desire to maintain profitability.

We understand that you may have many more questions regarding the damage you sustained and your insurance company’s response. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and we can address your personal concerns at that time.

Doug Terry Law Is Ready to Go to Work for You

Our Seasoned Oklahoma Storm Damage Lawyer Can Guide You Through the Legal Process

If your property has been damaged as a result of a storm, and you believe your insurance company’s response to your claim is insufficient, contact our storm damage attorney today. If your company acted in bad faith, you may be entitled to a settlement including the repair or replacement value of property damaged or lost, plus additional damages arising from the delay.

Unfortunately, insurance companies know that many of their policyholders will accept their first response, sharing a denial or underpayment, as their final word. This is not true. As a policyholder in Oklahoma, you do have options.

Storm damage to your property can be catastrophic.

Contact the Oklahoma storm damage insurance lawyer at Doug Terry today at 405-463-6362 and take the first steps toward addressing your concerns. We know Oklahoma insurance law and how to manage cases like these. Our team stands ready to go to work for you right away.

Attorney Doug Terry

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