Earthquake Insurance Claim Denials Happen Regularly

Engaging a Bad Faith Insurance Claims Attorney Can Help You Successfully Address Your Issues

Has your earthquake damage claim been denied by your property insurance company? If so, you are not alone. Insurance companies across the state are well-known for delaying, underpaying, and even completely denying claims resulting from natural disasters.

Receiving a denial notification is devastating. If you have paid your premiums on time and submitted your covered claim correctly, you are well within your rights to expect it to be paid. After all, you entered into a contract with your insurance company in good faith, and you upheld your end of the deal.

If you find yourself in this position, engaging experienced legal representation can help to maximize your settlement. Contacting an Oklahoma earthquake damage insurance lawyer who has a reputation for success should be your first course of action.

The team of experienced professionals at Doug Terry Law has an outstanding reputation for helping their clients navigate the complex road to insurance appeals; they know the tactics these companies employ and how to address them.

At Doug Terry Law, we offer all new clients a free consultation as part of our commitment to quality service.

These meetings are incredibly valuable, offering prospective clients an introduction to the firm and its operations and providing them the opportunity to share more details on their earthquake claim denial.  Contact us at 405-463-6362 to schedule a meeting.

Why Choose Doug Terry Law?

We Know How to Handle Denied Natural Disaster Claims

Earthquakes are, in a word, catastrophic. The resulting damage is often significant and repair and replacement costs can be astronomical. When your property insurance company denies your earthquake damage claims, you need help. Accepting their decision as final and shouldering the financial burden of your losses can have a life-long impact on your financial stability. Engaging quality legal representation can make a very real difference.

Choosing the right firm with which to work is important. Experience, knowledge, and their approach to service are all worth considering. The team at Doug Terry Law has an outstanding reputation for successfully helping their clients address denied earthquake claims. They are well-known for the following.

  • Commitment to the Citizens of Oklahoma: Our firm was founded on the understanding that insurance companies rely on their experienced legal department and the belief that policyholders should have access to the same level of quality representation. We are solely dedicated to insurance denial cases.
  • Specific Base of Knowledge: Prior to founding Doug Terry Law, our firm’s founder, Doug Terry, spent years working for insurance companies litigating their claim denials. His firsthand experience provides him a unique perspective; he knows how these companies operate and understands how to combat their strategies.
  • Compassionate Approach to Service: When your home is damaged by an earthquake, the impact is personal and considerable. The resulting stress can be overwhelming. We take time on each case to understand all the details. At Doug Terry Law we are well known both for the ways in which we communicate and for the positive outcomes of our cases.

We leverage our knowledge and experience for each of our clients, while always making sure we understand their specific needs. Our dedication to those we serve is unparalleled.  Reach out to us today and learn how we can best advocate for you.

What We Do for Our Clients Whose Earthquake Damage Claims Were Denied

Managing the Entirety of the Legal Process Is Our Responsibility

When your property insurance company denies your earthquake damage insurance claim, you do have recourse. But handling this process on your own can be difficult, if not impossible. Successfully addressing denials requires a base of technical knowledge and experience – two things you likely do not have. This is where we can help.  Our team has been representing individuals whose earthquake property damage insurance claims have been denied for years. We know how to effect change. For each client we:

  • Provide a free consultation
  • Review their insurance policy, submissions, and responses from their carriers
  • Ensure their claims accurately represented the entirety of the damages
  • Identify the reason(s) why the claim was denied
  • Calculate damages caused by the insurance companies initial denial
  • Negotiate with the insurance company on our client’s behalf
  • Litigate their earthquake claim in court, if necessary.

All our actions are performed in accordance with our clients’ best interests at heart. As an earthquake survivor, you have been through a lot. It is our goal to advocate successfully on your behalf, ultimately maximizing your settlement while minimizing your anxiety and stress.

Earthquake Insurance Claim Denials Happen Often in Oklahoma

Understanding the Reasons Why

The risks of damage from an earthquake are considerable, a fact of which insurance companies are well aware of. They calculate this risk into their premiums which you, as a client, are responsible for paying.

When you make your premium payments fully and on time, it is not unreasonable that you would be caught off guard when you finally make a claim, and it is denied.  Of course, there are legal and acceptable reasons for this. Perhaps you made errors on your paperwork or claimed damage for which you were not covered. But this is not always the case.

Quite often these delays, underpayments, and denials are the result of bad faith practices.

Your insurance company may have acted in bad faith if they:

  • Requested unnecessary documentation of your earthquake damage
  • Delayed the claims process
  • Did not investigate the damage appropriately
  • Complicated the claims process
  • Undervalued your damage
  • Intimidated you into accepting an inappropriate settlement.

At Doug Terry Law, we are well aware of the tactics insurance companies use to deny claims, which minimizes their expenses and maximizes their profits. We also know how these organizations respond to customers who try to appeal.

We can help you address the inappropriate responses from your insurance company. We know how to handle situations like this.

We Address Insurance Company Claim Denials Every Day

Doug Terry Law’s Earthquake Damage Insurance Lawyer Is Ready to Help You

Time is a valuable asset when your earthquake insurance claim has been denied. By acting quickly, you provide our team with the opportunity to review damage while it is still fresh and engage experts to substantiate it. We understand the importance of your insurance settlement to your future; you want to be able to repair and replace your damaged property and move forward with your life.

Reach out to us today at 405-463-6362 to schedule your free consultation. Our team is available to begin work on your case immediately.

Attorney Doug Terry

Lawyer Doug TerryAfter 25 years practicing in a larger firm, Doug chose to open his own practice in Oklahoma City. He brings his wealth of knowledge and his skills as a litigator to bear for his clients in matters of insurance bad faith, personal injury cases and class actions. Doug has the distinction of being awarded a Martindale-Hubbell “AV Preeminent” rating from his peers in the legal community. He has also been selected as an Oklahoma Super Lawyer. [ Attorney Bio ]

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