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There are many different types of insurance. Each category has its own complexities and nuances, and when they become confusing, it’s helpful to have an El Reno insurance lawyer on your side.

A skilled legal professional can walk you through any issues related to insurance claims or coverage. In many cases, having an El Reno insurance attorney can make the difference in securing a positive outcome.

Contacting a seasoned insurance dispute lawyer in El Reno, OK, can help you determine whether you have been treated fairly by your insurance provider. When a policyholder files a claim with their insurance agent, they expect to be treated fairly and with dignity. Unfortunately, some insurance companies do not act in good faith. Many times, coverage providers deny seemingly valid claims. In these instances, it’s important to contact an El Reno insurance lawyer.

For premier legal representation in El Reno, OK, reach out to Doug Terry Law. We will fight diligently to recover the compensation that’s rightfully owed to you.

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What to Do About a Wrongfully Denied Insurance Claim

Let an El Reno Insurance Attorney Fight for You

When an insurance carrier has denied your claim, it’s normal to feel frustrated and emotional. Contacting an insurance lawyer in El Reno, OK, allows you to pursue a legal claim for the money that you need.

It is illegal for an insurance provider to improperly deny a valid claim or treat you unfairly. This is known as acting in “bad faith.” When an insurance company acts in bad faith, victims have the right to pursue compensation for their losses. This is true with many different types of insurance policies and coverage providers, such as:

  • Health insurance
  • Homeowner’s insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Commercial property insurance
  • Automobile insurance
  • Credit insurance.

No matter what type of policy claim you filed, your provider is required to work in their clients’ best interests. Failing to do so constitutes grounds for a legal claim.

If you have been wrongfully denied an insurance benefits payment, do not hesitate. Reach out to a trustworthy El Reno insurance lawyer today. You may be able to recover the policy benefits and additional compensation.

Underpaid Claims

Many major insurance providers have been known to underpay claims. This allows them to boost their bottom line and withhold millions of dollars from honest claimants.

If you have been underpaid following an accident, injury, or other loss, contact a legal professional in El Reno. Underpaying an insurance claim may qualify as unfair treatment from your insurance provider. A knowledgeable El Reno insurance attorney will review the facts of your case and help you determine the best course of action.

It can be challenging to establish a bad faith insurance case when underpayment occurs. However, some underpayment is the result of improper practices that affect all policyholders. In cases like these, an insurance attorney in El Reno, OK, may be able to build a powerful claim on your behalf.

For example, suppose you were hospitalized following a personal injury. If you face a denied health insurance claim because of its “usual and customary” charges, you may have a valid claim against the insurance company.

Payment Delays

There are many reasons that an insurance provider might attempt to withhold payment from you. Sometimes, payment delays are a strategy to encourage policyholders to accept inadequate compensation. This is an unfair tactic that hurts those who need payments in order to move forward. Do not accept this type of treatment from your insurance provider.

Insurance companies that focus on profits over the welfare of their clients deserve to be held accountable. When you contact an insurance attorney in El Reno, OK, they will work tirelessly to determine the cause of your payment delay.

If your provider is delaying rightful payments to undermine your claim, it is critical to take legal action. Do not hesitate to contact an insurance lawyer in El Reno, OK.

Refusal to Defend

Another type of bad faith practice involves the refusal to defend a policyholder in their time of need. If a policy provider places their own corporate profits above the well-being of their clients, they may be held liable for bad faith practices.

When a policyholder is struggling to pay for an accident, injury, or mishap that they caused, their insurance provider is required to help. Do not let tightfisted insurance companies fail to defend and protect your best interests.

If you have been found liable for an accident, you should be able to count on your insurance company. Failing to defend you after an accident may constitute bad faith on the part of your insurer. To explore your legal options, reach out to a lawyer as soon as possible. A trustworthy insurance attorney in El Reno, OK, will fight tirelessly to defend your rights and pursue your interests.

Types of Insurance Companies

An Insurance Lawyer in El Reno, OK, Can Help You

No matter what type of insurance company you are dealing with, it’s crucial to have a legal professional on your side. Insurance disputes can be extraordinarily complicated and detailed.

A trained lawyer can help you secure a positive outcome in disputes with any type of insurer. Some of the most common types of insurance policies include:

  • Health and medical insurance
  • Property insurance–including homeowners’ policies
  • Commercial liability policies
  • Commercial property coverage
  • Uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage
  • Automobile coverage policies.
In each of these cases, the policy provider has a duty to treat you fairly and provide the benefits that you need. Do not let greedy corporations provide you with less than you deserve. For legal representation, contact Doug Terry Law by calling 405-293-3541 today.


Month after month, policyholders do the right thing by paying their premiums. When an insurance company refuses to do the right thing, it almost feels like a betrayal. In this confusing time, policyholders have lots of questions about their legal and financial rights.

What type of compensation is available in an insurance legal claim?

Bad faith insurance claims encourage insurance companies to act in good faith. The value of the claim, by itself, isn’t enough to encourage such change. Insurance companies will continue acting in bad faith if they believe there’s no penalty. So, Oklahoma law allows victims to recover additional damages, mostly economic damages. For example, if a fire damages a restaurant and the insurance company refuses to pay, the insurance company is responsible not only for the claim, but also for the restaurant’s lost revenue and any other out-of-pocket losses.

Additional punitive damages are often available as well. State law generally caps punitive damages at $500,000. However, if the judge finds that the insurance company was sufficiently cruel, there’s no punitive damages cap.

Much like the economic damages in a bad faith claim, punitive damages deter future misconduct. Insurance companies earn over $1 trillion a year. Therefore, only a large punitive damages award gets an insurance company’s attention and brings about the desired change.

What should I do after my auto insurance claim is denied?

Usually, an insurance adjuster either denies the claim itself or disputes the value of the claim. Our El Reno insurance lawyers intervene in both situations.

Claim denials usually hinge on preliminary fault determinations. A head-on wreck is a good example. Adjusters almost always claim that the wrong-way driver was at fault for the crash. They use this determination to deny coverage. However, there’s a difference between fault and liability. Once an attorney determines liability, or legal responsibility for the accident, a lawyer can force an insurance company to make good on its commitments.

Adjusters typically use pre-existing medical or other conditions to dispute a claim’s value. Under the law, insurance companies cannot use a victim’s vulnerabilities, like a pre-existing medical condition, to reduce or deny compensation.

The bottom line is that if an adjuster denies your auto insurance claim, ask an El Reno insurance lawyer to evaluate your case and map out your legal options.

Should I contact a firm that offers free consultations?

Many insurance lawyers charge over $1,000 an hour. Most families cannot possibly afford such prices. Attorneys who offer free consultations are every bit as qualified and experienced as other lawyers. There’s no reason to deny yourself access to justice and compensation.

At Doug Terry Law, our El Reno insurance lawyers do more than review the facts of your case. We also assess your legal options and help you choose the right one for you and your family or business.

Should I trust the expert hired by an insurance provider? 

Absolutely not. Such “experts” are often no more than paid insurance company employees with some additional degrees and certifications on their office walls. This is a bad faith tactic that can result in an undervaluing of the victim’s claim. Before you accept an expert’s evaluation at face value, always ask an El Reno insurance lawyer for a second opinion.

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To speak with a premier insurance lawyer in El Reno, OK, reach out to Doug Terry Law. Do not allow disreputable insurance providers to withhold the money that you deserve.

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