Professional Assistance When Your Automobile Insurance Claim is Denied in Oklahoma

Automobiles are expensive to purchase and maintain. In many cases, they are among the most valuable assets of their owners. In order to protect their financial investment and well-being, those who own vehicles purchase auto insurance.  Of course, nobody plans on making a claim on their car insurance policy, but accidents on the roads in and around Oklahoma City are common — they happen every day.

When the unthinkable occurs, you rely on your auto insurance company to protect your financial well-being by paying for damages to your vehicle and personal property as well as costs associated with your injuries; that is why you purchased your policy. Unfortunately, auto insurance companies are known for denying, delaying, and underpaying their policyholder’s claims.

When these denials are made in bad faith, you have legal recourse and the right to appeal their decision.

The auto insurance appeals process, however, can be complicated.

Insurance companies work hard to defend their position and protect their bottom line. Working with a Norman auto insurance claim denial lawyer can alleviate the stress of filing an appeal and provide you with peace of mind that your case is handled appropriately.

Attorney Doug Terry and his team have been handling denied auto insurance claim appeals for decades. They consistently leverage their knowledge and experience on behalf of their clients, working tirelessly to help effect change and maximize settlements.  Contact the firm today at 405-463-6362 to schedule your free, no-obligation consultation and learn, firsthand, how they can help you move forward.

Why Work With Doug Terry Law in Norman, Oklahoma?

Knowledge + Experience + Approach = Results

Automobile accidents are traumatic.  Recovery can be an uphill battle which is often complicated by insurance company denials. If you believe your insurance company has acted in bad faith, filing an appeal is the first step toward rectifying a wrong and getting the settlement you need. It’s not surprising that the financial damage from car accidents is considerable. Vehicle and personal property repair and replacement, combined with the cost of necessary medical care, can be overwhelming.  You need your insurance settlement to help manage your expenses.

Because the appeals process is both complicated and time-consuming, engaging a seasoned auto insurance claim denial attorney in Norman can make the process run more smoothly. Doug Terry is often the first call for many in this position. Consider why so many in Norman and throughout the state choose to work with him and his team:

  • Experience: For more than 20 years, Mr. Terry and his team have represented individuals in and around Norman when their auto insurance companies acted in bad faith.
  • Knowledge: Auto insurance laws are complex; Mr. Terry has an in-depth understanding of the relevant statutes and the operations of the local courts.
  • Approach: Hands-on service is highlighted by compassionate, intentional, and responsive service; the team at Doug Terry Law focuses on the details.
  • Commitment: Years ago Mr. Terry made a conscious career decision, moving from representing insurance companies to advocating for policyholders. He is dedicated to providing his clients with the same high-level representation that insurance companies receive from their legal departments.
  • Reputation: Nothing speaks more strongly of the satisfaction of his clients than their own words. Mr. Terry and his team don’t meet client expectations — they exceed them, time and time again.

Doug Terry Law knows how insurance companies operate and is intimately familiar with their tactics to deny, delay, and underpay claims. In each and every case, they will leverage their knowledge to positively impact your bottom line while minimizing the stress of the appeals process. As your auto insurance claim denial lawyer in Norman, Doug Terry adopts your goals as his own and fights tirelessly to achieve them.

Managing Your Case From Start to Finish

Recognizing All They Can Do for You

Perhaps nothing is as frustrating as opening a letter from your auto insurance company only to learn that your claim has been denied. If you have paid your premiums on time and your claim was for covered expenses, it likely never occurred to you that this was even a possibility.  But, because insurance companies are more concerned with profitability than client service, these denials occur every day.

While you do have the opportunity to appeal their decision, the process is purposefully difficult. Insurance companies know that many of those with denied claims will simply accept the decision and not follow through with the time-consuming process of an appeal.  When you engage a Norman auto insurance claim denial lawyer like Doug Terry, you can rest assured that he will assume total responsibility for the appeals process.

In all cases, Mr. Terry’s first course of action is to sit down with you to ensure he completely understands the intricacies of your accident.  He will request important documents to review, including your policy, your claim submission, and the denial letter.  He and his team will take time to study the information you provided along with other relevant paperwork, including medical bills and repair bills. He needs to be able to both quantify and substantiate the totality of your damages.

Once the groundwork is laid, he will begin formal work on the appeal, including submitting all required paperwork in the manner required by your auto insurance company. You can rest assured he will identify all deadlines and comply with them.  At this point, any communication regarding your case will be between Mr. Terry and the insurance company.  He will aggressively negotiate a settlement on your behalf, making sure to keep you apprised of his progress and the status of your claim.  In all instances, you have the final decision on when and if to settle.

Finally, if an appropriate agreement cannot be reached, Mr. Terry will represent you in court, fighting tirelessly to obtain the compensation and damages to which you are entitled.

While he and his team manage the process in its entirety, your questions and concerns are always welcome; never hesitate to contact them. Their team appreciates the importance of your insurance settlement to you and your family.

Addressing Your Frequently Asked Questions

A Norman Auto Insurance Claim Denial Lawyer Responds

For many reasons, the insurance claims and appeals process is incredibly confusing.  Questions and concerns are common.  Below Doug Terry’s auto insurance claim denial attorney in Norman addresses some of those most commonly raised.

I was in an accident with an individual who has no auto insurance; do I have recourse?

You may, particularly if you have uninsured/underinsured motorist (“UM ”) coverage.  This add-on to policies protects you from uninsured drivers and allows you to make a claim for injuries under your policy. If your insurance company denied your claim, a Norman auto insurance claim denial lawyer may be able to assist in your appeal.

In addition to compensation for my losses, what else may be included in my settlement?

If your insurance company is found guilty of bad faith, then the court may assess bad faith damages.  These may include reimbursement for your legal fees, interest on the amount of the claim denied, and even emotional distress.  Your Norman auto insurance claim denial lawyer can help determine what your settlement will look like.

My auto insurance company is continuously asking me to provide additional information; are they allowed to do this?

While your insurance company can certainly request relevant documentation, they often delay the payment of relevant claims by lengthening the process through the request of unnecessary information. Their hope is that you will drop your appeal and accept their underpaid offer or total denial because the process is too complex and takes too long. Talk to your bad faith auto insurance attorney in Norman regarding their requests to determine whether they are appropriate or are in bad faith.

My automobile insurance company’s adjuster has estimated my damages to be much less than my mechanic says; it’s not enough to repair my vehicle.  What can I do?

You should contact a Norman auto insurance claim denial lawyer and consider an appeal.  Using biased experts is a common insurance company strategy to minimize their expenses and avoid paying you fair compensation.  This is bad faith and should be addressed.

The questions above are likely only the tip of the iceberg.  Contact the Doug Terry team today to schedule your no-cost consultation. During this meeting, they can learn more about your experience and explain how they can help.

Contact a Norman Auto Insurance Claim Denial Lawyer Today

Understanding Insurance Company Tactics and Knowing How to Combat Them

If your auto insurance claim has been denied, it is time to take action. After all, you complied with your portion of the agreement by paying your premiums on time and in full. It is not unreasonable to expect your claim to be paid appropriately.  As you may have realized, the claim appeal process requires significant time and knowledge to complete correctly. As a layperson, you likely don’t have either – especially as you recover from your accident.  This is where engaging a Norman auto insurance claim denial lawyer can be valuable.

Doug Terry is well-known in and around Norman for his experience and knowledge. His record of successful appeals is admirable and his approach to service is top-notch. Denied automobile insurance claims are frustrating; damage to your vehicle and property and your medical expenses can be considerable. Simply the idea of having to assume responsibility for these costs is overwhelming.

You can rely on Doug Terry and his team to handle the entirety of your situation, while always keeping you apprised of their progress.

But, don’t hesitate to speak with them.  Time can be incredibly valuable in bad faith auto insurance cases.  Act quickly to provide them with the opportunity to leverage it on your behalf.

Doug Terry Law is ready to go to work for you.  Reach out today at 405-463-6362 to schedule your free consultation.

Attorney Doug Terry

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